Slipknot we are not your kind tracklist

What Slipknot song says we are not your kind?


How many copies has We are not your kind sold?

The many-membered band is back at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week with their latest release We Are Not Your Kind, which snags the highest possible rung on the all-genre chart. The set moved 118,000 equivalent copies, with 102,000 of those being pure sales.

Is we are not your kind good?

Unlike their recent LPs, We Are Not Your Kind doesn’t drag on, nor does it dwell too long in one particular sound or style. There’s a terrific balance of aggression and emotion within the work; on We Are Not Your Kind , Slipknot really bring home excellent blends of melancholy and anger.

What does We are not your kind mean?

You will never be ours

What is the heaviest Slipknot song?

Review: “Solway Firth” Is Slipknot’s Heaviest , Most Challenging Song in Years | Revolver.

What is the meaning of Slipknot?

: a knot that slips along the rope or line around which it is made especially : one made by tying an overhand knot around the standing part of a rope — see knot illustration.

Why is we are not your kind on the album?

That’s why the album’s title is so inspired: a reference to the President’s apparent mistrust of anyone who doesn’t look like him, it’s also a testament to the band’s outlier status, as they align themselves with the outsider (and against the bigots).

How many albums did Slipknot sell?

As of March 2019, Slipknot has sold 30 million units of records worldwide.

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What is Slipknot’s best selling album?

When it comes to albums, Slipknot’s powerful self-titled debut takes the lead. Despite peaking at Number 37 on its release in 1999, it has since gone platinum with 378,000 combined sales. At Number 2, the group’s Number 1 album Iowa has combined sales of 316,000.

What state is Slipknot from?

Des Moines, Iowa

Who was Slipknot’s original singer?

Corey Taylor

What music genre is Slipknot?

Heavy metal Nu metal Alternative metal Groove metal

What genre is we are not your kind?

Groove metal Metal

What record label is Slipknot with?

Roadrunner Records Nuclear Blast Warner Music Australasia Big Orange Clown Records Great Big Mouth Records

What is Slipknot’s new album called?

Look Outside Your Window 2021